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What is emotional blackmail in a relationship and how to respond to them?

Emotional blackmail is when people attempt to manipulate others to regulate their behavior. this type of behavior is detrimental to the connection. So, here’s the way to stop them.

Emotional blackmail is when an individual tries to control you to form you are doing things their way. They use your feelings to regulate your behavior. And this type of nature could be seen in some relationships where one partner manipulates the opposite to urge their work done.

The samples of emotional blackmail are very subtle and that they are generally exhibited in one’s visual communication and disappointment. So, people should prevent this type of behavior once they feel that they're manipulated during a relationship. So, here’s everything you ought to realize it.

Examples of emotional blackmail and the way to handle this?

Signs of emotional blackmail

These are the subtle signs of this behavior:

Demand: they're going to demand from their partner to not meet a selected friend or do a specific thing. this is able to be conveyed in a subtle way.

Resistance: If the opposite person tries to resist it, then their partner will push again indirectly to form that happen.

Pressure: Next, they're going to pressurize directly. There are high chances that they're going to attempt to criticize or demean the person.

Threats: When nothing is functioning , they're going to directly threaten to urge the items done.

Compliance: Then, they'll need to accept as true with their partner and hear what they assert . The conflict is going to be over and their partner is going to be nice to them for doing what they need.

Repetition: When such situation arrives, they're going to skills to play together with your mind to form you are doing their work. they're going to keep controlling their behavior.

Other samples of emotional blackmail

Some people use other tactics to control their partner’s feelings like following:

Punish: they're going to punish their partners for not obeying their orders.

Self-Punishers: Here, people will punish themselves to form their partner feel bad for not taking note of them.

Tantalizers: People will use kind gestures and words to control their partner’s mind. they're going to be extremely nice while demanding something.

What to do?

Handling this type of situation is sort of tricky. you've got to be calm and think wisely to react to such things. So, here’s what you'll do:

First, keep calm and take time to believe what your partner wants.

Start a conversation with him or her. attempt to convey your feelings. Tell them how you are feeling once they demand something illogical.

You can also seek professional help to resolve these matters.

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